Finally, a pillow made for side-sleepers.

Welcome to the official site of the unique, popular, and original Side Solution Pillow. The Side Solution Pillow has been produced under a different manufacturer and is now available as an American-made product.

Hi, I'm Paul Mettler, Doctor of Physical Therapy. As a physical therapist with over 20 years experience, I've treated thousands of patients. Throughout my practice I've noticed a very common theme. Most peoples' symptoms—headaches, stiff necks, sore shoulder, achy or numb arm, and breathing difficulties— were either irritated or caused by lack of proper support of the head, neck and shoulder during each night's rest. Unfortunately, most people don't realize the impact that poor sleep can have on one's entire health and daily experience. After feeling frustrated by the lack of available pillow options for my patients, I developed the Side Solution™ Pillow. The Side Solution Pillow is an orthopedic pillow designed specifically for the side-sleeper to optimally support the head, neck and shoulder, giving you the ultimate night's rest. You see, standard pillows cannot provide the support necessary to maintain the proper spinal position. The main problem…they're not thick enough. Therefore, we tend to compensate in other ways. For instance, some might extend their arm under their pillow as a way to gain more support, but sleeping on the arm stretches and compresses muscles and nerves, causing pain or numbness. Others try bunching up their pillow to gain more support, but when the pillow returns to its original form, the sleeper is left unsupported and unrested, resulting in neck and shoulder pain. As you can see, standard pillows put you in poor sleeping postures which can hurt the body instead of restore it. So let me show you how the Side Solution Pillow addresses these problems. Immediately, you'll notice this is not your average looking pillow. Like a puzzle piece, its unique shape is designed to fit your body. The Side Solution Pillow cutouts comfortably cradle your shoulder, keeping the pillow in place and preventing the hunching so common when resting on your side. You'll also notice how the Side Solution Pillow has greater depth than a standard rectangular pillow to completely fill the space from the outer shoulder to your neck. This is critical to keeping the neck and back perfectly aligned. Greater depth also reduces weight bearing pressure on your shoulder, providing better arm circulation and easing muscle strain and tension. Notice, also, how the Side Solution Pillow is rounded and tapered, to keep the fiberfill under your neck and your head where it belongs— not spread into the corners as happens with standard rectangular pillows. Best of all, the Side Solution Pillow is incredibly comfortable. Well, first of all, I don't like the pillow, I love the pillow. I feel great when I wake up in the morning because I've had a really good night's sleep. I don't have sinus problems like I used to wake up with in the morning. I feel more refreshed and more energized and I don't find myself after lunch wanting to take a nap like I used to. I really like the way that the groove allows me to move my shoulder in and therefore gives more room for my head to rest since I sleep on my side. It cradles my neck and shoulders, and it actually helps me to fall asleep alot quicker than with a normal pillow. He is onto something that will help people across the world, I hope, because I didn't think a pillow could do so much. I mean, it has changed…my life in some ways. It just helps me relax, and gets the tension gone, and I just love it! I won't go anywhere without it. I mean, anywhere I travel… I've used the Side Solution Pillow in my clinic for over 15 years with overwhelming success. And over the years, it has been shown to significantly reduce snoring, mild sleep apnea, tension headaches, jaw pressure, arm numbness and neck, back, and shoulder pain. If you're a side-sleeper looking for real answers to poor sleep, discover the solution…the Side Solution Pillow. You'll sleep better, breathe better, and wake up feeling refreshed and restored.

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